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At brandprotector we know where the honey is, its your brand. We'll do anything and everything to make sure it stays protected.

protecting your brand online

Who has responsibility for your brand on the web ?

Who is managing the website ? The database ? the DNS ?

Most often your online brand was built by a few different teams and organisations. When something breaks, who is meant to fix it ?

The website hosting company is quick to point out its the database or the code, which is someone else’s problem. The agency doesn’t want to take responsibility, the developers are long gone.


Your brand is very valuable to you. You hired a top agency, for top dollars to present your brand online.

Then a suite of folks are brought in to assist, UI guys, social media guys – at each stage they care, but are a bit more removed your brand.

By the time it gets to hosting, the hosting guys get paid the least, and are forced to work with thousands of clients

– so how much do they really care about your brand ?


We measure and focus on the end customers experience of the brand online.

We don’t have server and hosting SLAs, we have brand experience SLAs.

We share revenue with the agency.



Our hosting facilities mirror technologies that most enterprises use.

We have high security, including hardware firewalls.

We measure the end user experience, provide reports and pro-actively manage the web assets.

We have flexible plans, that help manage toward user experience, rather than fixed resource plans.




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  • "I feel that you have an understanding of who we are and what we are about."

    by Marisa ,Artilux 2013